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Environment-friendly and energy-efficient Snovik thermal spa

Apr 03, 2008
From the very beginning, the objective for Snovik Thermal Spa was clear: to create an eco- and visitor-friendly and energy-efficient spa facility. A number of institutions were involved in the project at the planning stage already to advise on the construction of various buildings in the unspoilt Snovik Valley to permit exploitation of its curative thermal waters. A land-use plan was drawn up for an area of 23.6 hectares, indicating significant potential for social development, especially with regard to financial and environmental aspects.

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Fields: Tourism, Energy supply, Nature protection, Education
Location: Central Slovenia
Start: 25.01.2002
Project period: unlimited
Contact: Irena Sovinšek, Terme Snovik - Kamnik d.o.o. (e-Mail)



The project represents the successful implementation of a long-held goal: exploitation of the curative thermal waters discovered at Snovik decades ago. To date the project has created about 30 new jobs directly and over 50 indirectly. Since its establishment, the company has operated successfully and the objectives are being achieved on a step by step basis. In 2007, the use of renewable energy permitted heating costs to be reduced by 28% while total turnover increased by 36%. We were also one of the first companies in Slovenia to qualify for the European Eco-label. And in 2008 we were recognised as the country’s Most Energy-efficient Company. We do not make use of energy from fossil fuels, and we have succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by approx. 305 tons a year. In the first Most Energy-efficient Building competition, our apartment development scheme was awarded the first prize.


For the planning and construction of the thermal spa, we made use of the latest technologies for energy-efficient and environment-friendly solutions. Only high-grade materials with the appropriate certification were employed. Construction itself was handled in stages to facilitate implementation of the various measures targeted at energy efficiency and permit verification of the results with thermographic imaging. At the start of the works, a biological waste water treatment plant was installed and a boiler room for liquid gas was built. Liquid gas is now used as the primary energy source and also serves as a reserve to meet peak demand. When further facilities were added (swimming pool, restaurant, sauna, therapy centre), evacuated tube collectors and two heat pumps (water–water and air–water) were installed, and in the last phase of construction a biomass heating plant was also built. The apartment buildings are operated on the intelligent room/house principle. To permit further development with the construction of new facilities, there are plans to install a photovoltaic system and to upgrade the existing boiler room for operation as a combined heat and power plant.

Results (CO2-savings)

The measures taken today have had direct ecological results (significant reductions in air and water pollution, etc.) and indirect financial results (lower running costs). That has led to certification pursuant to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and the EU’s Eco-label scheme (Flower). The latter is also a valuable marketing tool to promote this new spa, which is the highest thermal spa in the Kamnisko-Savinjske Alps. This means we can now present Snovik Thermal Spa as an example of good practice on a variety of platforms. We are successfully marketing our seminar facilities by presenting the advantages of renewable energy in theory and practice to both expert and lay audiences, and a number of workshops have been held on the subject. We also organise open days to show visitors our heat pumps, evacuated tube collectors, biomass heating plant, small hydropower plant and the biological water treatment plant.


Hribar Ivan, Snovik Thermal Spa – Kamnik, d.o.o., Kamnik, Slovenia


At Snovik Thermal Spa the focus is on modern technology. The buildings have excellent thermal insulation, and energy efficiency class A goes without saying for all appliances. ... More