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Future in the Alps

Jun 16, 2014
[Project completed]

Disseminating practical knowledge

Future in the Alps is designed to promote existing and new initiatives aimed at harmonising the calls of environmental protection, the needs of the inhabitants and economic objectives. Practical experience and the latest research findings are collated, evaluated and processed for further application (alpKnowhow). alpService makes the results available to a wide range of actors. Sustainable pilot projects that apply this knowledge are in turn supported and monitored in alpPerformance.

Sustainability with a six-fold focus

Future in the Alps addresses six key issues: regional value added, governance capacity, protected areas, mobility, new forms of decision making, and policies and instruments.

Store of knowledge in alpKnowhow

In the framework of alpKnowhow, the first phase of the project, about 40 experts from all the countries of the Alps spent several months collecting and processing the latest findings of research and other publications, and the results of practical experience gained with model projects for each of the six key issues. An evaluation system was developed to support the process of selecting knowledge for Future in the Alps. The results from alpKnowhow are available in English. They include a working report plus annexes on each of the six main issues as well as 20–40 of the most relevant publications and 20–30 examples of good practice from all the countries of the Alps and other regions. There is also a synthesis report listing the conclusions, recommendations and main points addressed for the six key issues, and a general summary of the results of the research phase. The authors of alpKnowhow have also produced a project glossary and a collection of unanswered questions for the attention of the research community.

Future in the Alps

Future in the Alps