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Restoring the web of life

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The objective of the ECONNECT project, which was launched in 2008, was to protect, maintain and restore ecological connectivity in the Alps. For this purpose a number of pilot regions have been selected with the aim of developing and testing a methodology that is applicable to the whole of the Alpine region.

ECONNECT has thus helped to establish continuity between areas of ecological importance in the Alps which have already taken the first steps in implementing biotope connectivity in their respective regions. This process also contributed to the further development of a more dynamic approach to nature protection, which can be effective beyond the limits of the protected areas as they are defined today.
The project involved international organisations that are closely involved in the Alpine Convention as well as research institutions and local partners (management of protected areas, local authorities), who were working together to define the needs and open questions and to develop innovative instruments to improve the ecological networks of the Alps. 
Work has been carried out on the first specific projects involving various local actors in the seven pilot regions. So as to overcome legal and administrative obstacles, a number of political recommendations have been formulated. This will also facilitate international cooperation and improved coordination of activities at the local level.
CIPRA was cooperating to ECONNECT's activities in particular in the fields of communication, legal barriers and knowledge transfer. 

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