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Kaspar Schuler

Barbara Wülser


Working for the Alps: when and where necessary

Background: Change Manager, Journalist, Cheese maker & pastoralist, businessman

Languages: German (mother tongue), English, French

My favourite place in the Alps: those small meadows at those last mountain streams that still roar unused and unspoilt over rocks

What excites me: Encounters

Barbara Wülser

Barbara WülserCo-director & Head of Communications

Working for the Alps: Tuesday-Friday

Background: Journalism, MAS in Communication Management and Leadership

Languages: German, English, French, Italian (advanced), Spanish (basic)

My favourite place in the Alps: a sun-warmed rock in San Romerio – high above the “Valposchiavo” in southern Switzerland

What excites me: Stories of people, for people, with people

Wolfgang Pfefferkorn

Wolfgang Pfefferkorn 150piProject Manager / Economic transition

Working for the Alps:  almost always and everywhere

Background: Regional Development, Organizational Development, Moderation- Conflict Management

Languages: French, German, English, Italian

My favourite place in the Alps: the whole terrain in the Silvretta in the Vorarlberg region of Austria 

What excites me: language itself, backcountry ski-touring, music, the sea

Jakob Dietachmair

Jakob Dietachmair

Project Manager / Economic transition

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Communication Sciences, Sustainaible Tourism Management

Languages: German, English, French (advanced)

My favourite place in the Alps: Anywhere the sun awakes me from a cosy bivouac

What excites me: rugged landscapes and mountains, high valleys with meandering rivers, cooking with high-quality products, every single minute on my bike(s)

Magdalena Holzer

Magdalena HolzerProject Manager / Services

Working for the Alps: Monday - Friday

Background: master degree in conference interpreting, Higher vocational college for tourism

Languages: German (mother tongue), Italian, English, French, basic skills in Spanish and Portuguese

My favourite place in the Alps: unspoiled coniferous forests & mountain pastures (such as in the High Tauern National Park)

What excites me: nature in kitchen, cellar and garden, travelling and international dialogues

Marion Ebster

Marion Ebster

Project Manager / Economic transition & Nature and People

Working for the Alps:  Monday-Thursday

Background: Social- and Cultural Anthropology, Regional- and Location Management, Regional Development

Languages: German (Native Speaker), English (advanced), French (basic)

My favourite place in the Alps: in winter, on my skitouring skies in the backcountry, above the treeline – anywhere but gladly in the Montafon

What excites me: outdoors, immersed in nature, alone or in the company of equally enthusastic people, natural cuisine, typical regional food, good coffee

Sandra Fausch

Michaela Hogenboom

Project Manager / Social Innovation

Working for the Alps: Tuesday - Thursday

Background: foreign exchange trading, environmental engineering (Bachelor)

Languages: German, English

My favourite place in the Alps: in Prättigau with a view of the Rätikon chain (CH)

What excites me: to feel when everything is "in flow", mountain and high tours, immersing oneself in other cultures, different concepts of life and the people behind them

Caroline Begle

Caroline BegleProject manager / Communication

Working for the Alps: Tuesday-Thursday

Background: German Philology, Media Studies

Languages: German, English

My favourite place in the Alpscampfire on the banks of river Dornbirner Ach

What excites me: singing, dancing, and the lust for life (in the Alps)

Maya Mathias

Maya MathiasProject Manager / Communications

Working for the Alps: Monday - Friday

Background: Master in Psychology and Political Science

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (advanced), French, Italian and Spanish (basic)

My favourite places in the Alps: Dolomites

What excites me: nature, mountain sports, environmental psychology, books and movies

Michael Gams

Michael GamsProject Manager Communications

Working for the Alps: Monday – Friday

Background: Journalism, PR in Tourism, Master in Communication Science/Journalism

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (advanced), Italian (basic)

My favourite places in the Alps: Villach, where I grew up. Innsbruck, where I used to live several years. And Montafon valley

What excites me: climbing mountains, exploring new places and sharing my passion for the Alps with others

Christina Bachner

Christina BachnerAdministration/HR Assistance

Working for the Alps: Tuesday (all day), Wednesday - Friday (mornings)

Background: French and English Studies

Languages: German, English, French,

My favourite place in the Alps: my garden with a beautiful view onto the Alps

What excites me: pleasureable dining and drinking, untouched snowy slopes glistering in the sun, Yoga

Anna Mehrmann

Anna MehrmannAssistant to the management and administration

Working for the Alps: Monday-Thursday

Background: Master in Business Administration – Major Public and Nonprofit Management

Languages: German, French, English

My favourite place in the AlpsMaggia valley in Switzerland

What excites me: Forests, travelling, cinema, reading, music

Elisa Agosti

Elisa Agosti

Administration and Projects

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Foreign Applied Languages in Business and Tourism, HR and European Regional Development

Languages: Italian (mothertongue) German, English, French, Norwegian and Spanish (good knowledge)

My favourite place in the Alps: that indefined place where the sun meets the mountains

What excites me: music, laughing people, dialects, proverbs, historical books and the smell of coffee…

Manon Wallenberger

Manon Wallenberger

Project assistant

Working for the Alps: Tuesday-Friday

Background: Plant and Soil Sciences, Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Languages: French, German, English, Italian

My favourite place in the Alps: The mountain pastures (Alps) where I worked : Monte San Lucio, Ticino, with 100 goats and 8 cows, Staffel alp Zermatt, with 27 cows, above the Geneva lake, and with 600 sheep and a baby in Starlera, Grisons.

What excites me: Earth architecture, Tango, choir singing and travelling without the need of airplanes

Yasmin Stoderegger

Hannah Richlik


Working for the Alps: Monday – Friday

Background: Degree in Environmental Sciences and Management in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Uppsala (Sweden) with “focus” on climate change

Languages: German, Slovene, English, Italian and Spanish (moderate knowledge, but with all fours it works well)

My favourite place in the Alps: Where I grew up – at the foot of the Karavanks. But also the Stilfser Joch in South Tyrol and the Lechtal Alps. 

What excites me: Long-distance train rides, Singing in a choir, Music instruments, forests, creative vegetarian food, local accents

Manca Velkavrh

Hannah Richlik

European Voluntary Service (Erasmus+) 

Working for the Alps: Monday – Friday

Background: Biology (BSCi) and Ecology (MSCi)

Languages: Slovene, German, English

My favourite place in the Alps: Prisank/Prisojnik

What excites me: Nature - from earth to the sky, environment, food, sports, people, music, my dog

Ariane Weifner

Ariane Weifner


Working for the Alps: Monday - Friday

Background: Environmental and Bio-Resource Management in Vienna. In her Bachelor thesis she dealt with the Macroregional Strategy for the Alpine Space.

Languages: German, Italian, English and French, at some point maybe even more ....

My favourite place in the Alps: Of course the nature park Trudner Horn in South Tyrol, with a wonderful view of the Weiss- and Schwarzhorn! The names of the two mountains can be derived from their rock colour. While the Weisshorn shimmers in white colour due to the white Sarldolomit, the Schwarzhorn consists of the reddish-brown Bozner Quarzporphyr!

What excites me: Mountains, running, low-emission travel, bouldering

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