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Kaspar Schuler

Barbara Wülser


Working for the Alps: when and where necessary

Background: Change Manager, Journalist, Cheese maker & pastoralist, businessman

Languages: German (mother tongue), English, French

My favourite place in the Alps: those small meadows at those last mountain streams that still roar unused and unspoilt over rocks

What excites me: Encounters

Barbara Wülser

Barbara WülserDeputy director & Head of Communications

Working for the Alps: Tuesday-Friday

Background: Journalism, MAS in Communication Management and Leadership

Languages: German, English, French, Italian (advanced), Spanish (basic)

My favourite place in the Alps: a sun-warmed rock in San Romerio – high above the “Valposchiavo” in southern Switzerland

What excites me: Stories of people, for people, with people

Wolfgang Pfefferkorn

Wolfgang Pfefferkorn 150piProject Manager / Economic transition

Working for the Alps:  almost always and everywhere

Background: Regional Development, Organizational Development, Moderation- Conflict Management

Languages: French, German, English, Italian

My favourite place in the Alps: the whole terrain in the Silvretta in the Vorarlberg region of Austria 

What excites me: language itself, backcountry ski-touring, music, the sea

Jakob Dietachmair

Jakob Dietachmair

Project Manager / Economic transition

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Communication Sciences, Sustainaible Tourism Management

Languages: German, English, French (advanced)

My favourite place in the Alps: Anywhere the sun awakes me from a cosy bivouac

What excites me: rugged landscapes and mountains, high valleys with meandering rivers, cooking with high-quality products, every single minute on my bike(s)

Michaela Hogenboom Kindle

Michaela HogenboomProject Manager / Social Innovation

Working for the Alps: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Background: Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, Youth Participation, process- and workshop facilitation, project management, social innovation

Languages: Dutch (Native speaker) German, English

My favourite places in the Alps: our vegetable garden in Bofel, hiking the Liechtensteiner mountains, climbing the Alpstein, bouldering in the Magic Wood (CH), sledging with my daughter in Malbun...

What excites me: to foster a connected and sustainable society in the Alps

Magdalena Holzer

Magdalena HolzerProject Manager / Services

Working for the Alps: Monday - Friday

Background: master degree in conference interpreting, Higher vocational college for tourism

Languages: German (mother tongue), Italian, English, French, basic skills in Spanish and Portuguese

My favourite place in the Alps: unspoiled coniferous forests & mountain pastures (such as in the High Tauern National Park)

What excites me: nature in kitchen, cellar and garden, travelling and international dialogues

Robin Naumann

Robin Naumann

Project Manager / Nature and People

Working for the Alps: Monday - Friday

Background: International Forest Sciences, Forest Ecology, Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Languages: German, English and French

My favourite place in the Alps: on sunny peaks, in old forests, on blooming meadows, on clear shores and everywhere else where you can experience the beautiful diversity of the Alps.

What excites me: Fresh air, good food, nature with all its facets, animals, birds, insects, travelling, hiking, discovering the world, bouldering, climbing, a good bike ...

Marion Ebster

Marion Ebster

Project Manager / Economic transition

Working for the Alps:  Monday-Thursday

Background: Social- and Cultural Anthropology, Regional- and Location Management, Regional Development

Languages: German (Native Speaker), English (advanced), French (basic)

My favourite place in the Alps: in winter, on my skitouring skies in the backcountry, above the treeline – anywhere but gladly in the Montafon

What excites me: outdoors, immersed in nature, alone or in the company of equally enthusastic people, natural cuisine, typical regional food, good coffee

Caroline Begle

Caroline BegleDigital Communication

Working for the Alps: Tuesday-Thursday

Background: German Philology, Media Studies

Languages: German, English

My favourite place in the Alpscampfire on the banks of river Dornbirner Ach

What excites me: singing, dancing, and the lust for life (in the Alps)

Christina Bachner

Christina BachnerAdministration/HR Assistance

Working for the Alps: Tuesday (all day), Wednesday - Friday (mornings)

Background: French and English Studies

Languages: German, English, French,

My favourite place in the Alps: my garden with a beautiful view onto the Alps

What excites me: pleasureable dining and drinking, untouched snowy slopes glistering in the sun, Yoga

Anna Mehrmann

Anna MehrmannAdministration

Working for the Alps: Monday-Thursday

Background: Master in Business Administration – Major Public and Nonprofit Management

Languages: German, French, English

My favourite place in the AlpsMaggia valley in Switzerland

What excites me: Forests, travelling, cinema, reading

Elisa Agosti

Elisa Agosti

Administration and Projects

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Foreign Applied Languages in Business and Tourism, HR and European Regional Development

Languages: Italian (mothertongue) German, English, French, Norwegian and Spanish (good knowledge)

My favourite place in the Alps: my hometown in Val di Non, with view on the Brenta Dolomites

What excites me: my parents and my friends, laughter, dialects and proverbs, historical books, the smell of coffee…

Maya Mathias

Maya MathiasProject Assistant / Communications

Working for the Alps: Monday - Friday

Background: Master in Psychology and Political Science

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (advanced), French, Italian and Spanish (basic)

My favourite places in the Alps: Dolomites

What excites me: nature, mountain sports, environmental psychology, books and movies

Michael Gams

Michael GamsCommunications, Project Assistant

Working for the Alps: Monday – Friday

Background: Journalism, PR in Tourism, Master in Communication Science/Journalism

Languages: German (mother tongue), English (advanced), Italian (basic)

My favourite places in the Alps: Villach, where I grew up. Innsbruck, where I used to live several years. And Montafon valley

What excites me: climbing mountains, exploring new places and sharing my passion for the Alps with others

Manon Wallenberger

Manon Wallenberger

Project assistant

Working for the Alps: Tuesday-Friday

Background: Plant and Soil Sciences, Biodiversity Conservation and Management

Languages: French, German, English, Italian

My favourite place in the Alps: The mountain pastures (Alps) where I worked : Monte San Lucio, Ticino, with 100 goats and 8 cows, Staffel alp Zermatt, with 27 cows, above the Geneva lake, and with 600 sheep and a baby in Starlera, Grisons.

What excites me: Earth architecture, Tango, choir singing and travelling without the need of airplanes

Ana Plavčak

Ana Plavcak

Intern (EVS)

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Landscape Architecture and Spatial Planning 

Languages: Slovene (mother tongue), English

My favourite place in the Alps: small lakes and different river relief shapes (e.g. Krn Lakes, Tolmin Gorges)

What excites me: the beauty of nature, children's curiosity, authentic people

Annina Schidla

Annina SchidlaIntern 

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Landscape Planning and Landscape Architecture (Nature Conservation and Landscape Conservation)

Languages: German (mother tongue), English, French (advanced), Italian, Spanish (basic)

My favourite place in the Alps: I still have to explore the Alps...

What excites me: good food, travelling, films, chubby babies

Corinna Schmidt

Corinna SchmidtIntern 

Working for the Alps: Monday-Friday

Background: Spatial Planning

Languages: German, English, French

My favourite place in the Alps: Pelussin a spart of the Pilat Regional Nature Park and on the top of Upper Austria’s Grillenparz with a view on the pre-Als, the valley of Krems and Mühlviertel-district

What excites me: Landscapes and forms of settlements, Spatial policy and cultural landscapes development, inspiring people and their stories, sitting coffee from a Bialetti in the meadow, to ensure a good and beautiful life for all in the Alps

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