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Alpine Convention - Sectoral development of the Green Economy in the Alpine region

Feb 23, 2021
[Project completed] Promoting environmentally sustainable growth while recognising ecological limits: the Green Economy is low-carbon, resource-efficient and socially inclusive. This form of economy preserves the Alpine ecosystem while making use of existing natural capital.
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(c) blue! GbR Euregio Zugspitze-Wetterstein-Karwendel

The project “Alpine Convention - Sectoral Development of the Green Economy in the Alpine Space” aimed at contributing to the further development of the Green Economy in the Alps. It took up and continued the preliminary work from the project “Green Economy in the Alpine Space” and from the activities of the Alpine Convention on this topic.

The aim was to strengthen regional green economic sectors and actors. A targeted analysis provided an overview of current developments and trends in different sectors of a green economy and of existing policy strategies to promote them. The project provided a deeper understanding of green economic potentials in selected sectors and industries and, using four pilot regions as examples, developed strategies on how green economic principles can be permanently anchored in the economy and society in the Alps. An additional project module showed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the green economy in the Alpine Space and on the four pilot regions in particular.


Duration: September 2018 to September 2021



Research and analysis studies on the basis of sectoral considerations

  • Discussion paper: Current developments and trends of the Green Economy in the Alpine Space
  • Input paper: Central economic sectors of the Green Economy and presentation of their interrelationships.

Pilot regions: Sectoral development of the Green Economy in the Alpine Space

  • Research on economic development and future trends of the central sectors:
    • Four input papers for the sectors of agriculture & food industry, tourism, energy, transport.
    • Fact sheets on the current status and vision of the Green Economy in the pilot regions Soča Valley (SI), Goms (CH), Diois (FR), Zugspitze/Wetterstein/Karwendel (DE-AT).
    • Interviews on region-specific success factors and obstacles.

Activation of regional key actors

Regional workshops in the four pilot regions

Study: The impact of COVID-19 on the national economies in the Alpine Space


Project partners

CIPRA International

blue! advancing european projects

Spatial Foresight Germany



Federal Environment Agency Germany

Final Report (de)

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Wolfgang Pfefferkorn
Project Manager CIPRA International