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CIPRA Austria

In support of the Alpine Convention

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Formed in 1975 as the national representation of CIPRA, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, CIPRA Austria advocates for the sustainable development (i.e. development that respects nature, resources, health, people and climate) of the Alpine region. CIPRA Austria functions as an information and communication platform for questions regarding the Alps, in particular for the various matters of interest to the Alpine stakeholders in respect of the Alpine Convention and the macro-regional Alpine strategy. In addition to nature conservation organisations and interest groups, the nature protection departments of the Austrian federal states are also members of CIPRA Austria.

Overcoming reservations

Since 1994 the Alpine Convention office of CIPRA Austria in Innsbruck has been supporting the implementation of the Protocols of the Alpine Convention in Austria. The office answers questions on current Alpine topics and matters regarding the Alpine Convention and also publishes the magazine “Die Alpenkonvention – Nachhaltige Entwicklung für die Alpen [The Alpine Convention – Sustainable Development for the Alps]”.

With a legal services bureau for the Alpine Convention (financed by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management), CIPRA Austria also helps overcome reservations in respect of the Alpine Convention. The information bureau addresses questions regarding the legal interpretation of the Alpine Convention, in particular its protocols. A group of independent experts forms the core of this committee, which is unique in the Alpine region.

CIPRA Austria can call upon specialist committees as necessary to look into urgent topics relating to Alpine matters and draw up practical recommendations for them.

CIPRA Austria Office
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Alpine Convention Office of CIPRA Austria
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