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CIPRA Liechtenstein

Appreciating the value of nature together

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From a nature research company to the traffic club, CIPRA Liechtenstein is a heterogeneous body that has since its creation in 1991 been held together by a common commitment to a future that is worth living. Each member organisation has its own areas of expertise, all of which are combined with the aim of achieving our common goals.

A commitment to a future that is fit for our grandchildren

Under CIPRA Liechtenstein, member organisations work together for nature and the environment. Both the protection of nature and landscape and the sustainable use of resources are important issues for us. We continue to be substantially involved in producing an inventory of nature values whilst ensuring they are protected: these include establishing separate protected areas and introducing quiet areas for wildlife. Sustainable waste planning, the environmentally-friendly promotion of renewable energy sources and the use of mobility with a view to the long term are also core issues for us.

Inspiring young people for nature

A central common goal of member organisations is education about the environment. We foster mindfulness of our nature values by means of joint actions for school students, and we try to inspire and sensitise young people through positive nature experiences. The traffic club and the solar power co-operative enhance our offering thanks to their commitment and knowledge in the fields of mobility and energy. The year 2013 saw the first joint project week, with CIPRA Liechtenstein capturing the imagination of an entire school for a week with its wide-ranging activity programme. Since 2014 CIPRA Liechtenstein has been part of the international “Youth Alpine Dialogue” programme, thus making a lasting contribution to youth participation in the Alpine region.

Founded 1991


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