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C3-Alps stands for Climate Change Capitalisation, and that is precisely this Interreg Alpine Space Project has been all about. C3-Alps aimed to close the gap between the theoretical knowledge available on the topic of climate adaptation and its practical applications. Integrated knowledge has been generated, i.e. adopting a cross-sector approach to the topic; cross-sector adaptation strategies have been developed too. In this way added value was achieved compared with previous projects. The basis consisted of 10 to 15 climate projects that have been already up and running or completed as part of Interreg as well as outside its scope. They include CLISP and cc.alps, which was implemented by CIPRA. As part of C3-Alps, CIPRA has been a subcontractor of the AWNL (Office for Forests, Nature and Landscape) in Liechtenstein and the Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich und Upper Bavaria.


Project launch: January 2012
Duration: 3 years
Lead Partner: Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency, UBA), Vienna
Budget: approx. EUR 3.1 m 


Wolfgang Pfefferkorn
CIPRA International

From knowledge to action

Alpine regions adapting to climate change. Success stories, learning experiences, and future practice will be presented on the C3-Alps final conference on October 14th in Vienna. Further Information