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Interview with Rainer Siegele

Jan 12, 2009

“Cool heads in the hothouse!”: Interview with a cc.alps award winner

„Recognition is a very big part of this competition!”

On 6 November 2008 CIPRA rewarded the seven best measures to have been submitted for the cc.alps competition. The Municipality of Mäder/A was one of the main prize winners. Serena Rauzi of the cc.alps Team met the Mayor of Mäder, Rainer Siegele, to talk about this success.

Rainer SiegeleRainer Siegele, CIPRA’s cc.alps competition has poured €20,000 into the coffers of the Municipality of Mäder. For you as the Municipality’s mayor, was the money the main incentive for taking part in the competition?

A €20,000 prize is always an incentive for taking part in a competition. However, the recognition was also a very big part of this competition since it helps to implement other new projects within the community. So the boost we got from CIPRA through an award recognised throughout the Alps was at least as important as the money itself. What’s very important to us is who is behind the prize.

You have been Mayor of the Municipality of Mäder since 1993. When you took up office, did you generate the momentum for a sustainable approach to climate change at the municipal level?

Mäder began charting its own course in 1973 with the planting of hedgerow trees. Then there was a pause under my predecessor; after 1993, we set about pursuing the course set by my pre-predecessor.

Can you give me a couple of examples of how climate protection is put into practice in the Municipality of Mäder?

With the exception of the fire station we have renovated all our buildings in keeping with the state of the art.



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