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Jan 21, 2018
[Project completed] Governance and youth in the Alps - Young people tend to leave the Alpine space because they lack personal and professional fulfilment. Furthermore a majority of decision-makers remain unaware of the benefits a young active population brings to society.
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© Pierre Gouyou Beauchamps

In cooperation with eight partners from five different alpine countries, GaYA aims to increase the quality of democratic processes in the Alpine space by enhancing the involvement of young people in regional governance and by developing new approaches for decision makers.

Therefore, new democratic methods are collected throughout the project and made available in order to overcome the challenges of territorial cohesion and participatory involvement of young people in everyday political actions. The implementation of well-governed forms has great potential for increasing sustainable and fair decision making.



Maya Mathias,
CIPRA International, 

Impressions - GaYA Conference

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