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International Year of Mountains 2002

[Project completed]

Therefore, efforts were made at international, national, regional and local level in order to protect sensitive mountain ecosystems and to promote the sustainable development in mountain regions.

CIPRA, together with the Liechtensteiner Alpenverein, coordinated the International Year of Mountains for Liechtenstein. It organised numerous activities, such as excursions, exhibitions, treks, presentations, etc. around the theme "Alps".

The International Year of Mountains also offered the opportunity to go beyond the usual activities and to consider current borders. In consideration of the relatively privileged situation of the inhabitants of the Alpine area, it seemed important for CIPRA that they share their knowledge and experiences with other mountain regions. Therefore, since the Year of the Mountains, CIPRA communicates also in English, alongside the Alpine languages.

CIPRA maintained this approach also after the Year of Mountains. The expansion of its visual perspective has opened a new dimension to CIPRA. Existing activities are continued, but there is also the question of whether there is a possibility to let other mountain regions and less privileged people have access to the results of CIPRA’s work. It thus helped for example to set up a “Central Asia Mountain Town Partnership“.

In addition, CIPRA has made available its knowledge in the process for the definition of a Carpathians Convention along the model of the Alpine Convention. To do so, it collaborated closely with the UNEP-United Nations Environment Programme.

Fact sheet Year of Mountains in Liechtenstein

  • more than 80 events by 42 organisers
  • uncountable visitors at the events
  • two folders full of press releases
  • more than 50 applications examined at the meetings of the steering committee
  • project volume: more than 900,000 CHF