CIPRA representatives:

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Katharina Conradin, Chairwoman


Education: Geography

Professional interests: Sustainable development of mountain areas, landscape protection and protected areas, tourism, mountain sports

Languages: German (mother tongue), English, French, Italian

Christian Baumgartner, Vice-chairman

Founder of response & ability, Vienna / Austria

Education: Landscape ecologist

Professional interests: tourism, regional development, development cooperation; EU policy

Languages: German (mother tongue), English

Serena Arduino, Vice-chairwoman

Milan, Italy

Education: Environmental Studies at the University of Milan and Environmental Planning at the University of British Columbia (Canada)

Professional interests: Natural resource management, community development, sustainability, decision-making processes 

Languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, French, learning German

Erwin Rothgang, Vice-chairman


Education: Geography

Professional interests: Urban research, sustainable urban development, environmental protection

Languages: German, English

Miro Kristan, Vice-chairman

Soča Valley Development Centre / Tolmin, Slovenia

Julia Thüringer, CIPRA Youth Council

Year of birth: 1993
Languages: German (mother tongue), English, Spanish and Italian

Hugo Quaderer, Treasurer

Schaan, Liechtenstein