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Jul 16, 2015
[Project completed] Sustainable development is not simply limited to nature protection. As a guiding idea that touches virtually all areas of life, sustainability should be discussed at every lunch, every workshop, schoolroom or parliament. Through the project alpMonitor, CIPRA International, together with the national CIPRA branches, strongly focuses on the responsibilities modern societies have in the shift towards sustainable development. The actual objective is «the good life» in the Alps. CIPRA’s approach is based upon the values of participation, solidarity and frugality.
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Tracking changes

alpMonitor acts complementary to scientific reports by actively discussing impacts and promoting solutions for selected areas of everyday life, such as nature and people, spacial planning, housing and working, tourism and social innovation. These areas are embedded into a topic landscape and strongly influenced by five main global trends: climate change, segmentation of the economy, increasing mobility and medialisation. alpMonitor aims to observe long-term developments in order to raise awareness on changes and to be able to take the right decisions today.

Barbara Wülser
Communications Manager, CIPRA International
, Phone +423 237 53 11


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