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Energy-efficient buildings with regional timber in Alps

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"The ideal house is warm in winter and cool in summer", Socrates allegedly said. That this is possible also now, even without conventional heating systems, is shown by the "climalp" project. Climalp is an information campaign by CIPRA for the promotion of energy efficient building and renovation using regional timber in the Alpine area.

The project describes the benefits and consequences on timber value creation, which can be found in the use of regional timber as firewood and building material. Under climalp, CIPRA devised in 2004 the theme "Energy efficient houses in regional timber in the Alpine Area". Results are summarised in four languages in a report of approx. 100 pages and are available online.

In 2005, CIPRA started an information campaign in the Alps on this theme, which should help people learn that low energy houses in regional timber can protect the climate and be a boost to the regional economy. By means of this campaign, CIPRA gives a contribution to climate protection, sustainable development in the Alpine area and to the implementation of the Alpine Convention and its "Forestry" and "Energy" protocols.

In order to raise the general public’s awareness, information and project activities in the individual Alpine countries are essential – This is the task of the national CIPRA delegations. In order to convey and exchange knowledge, they organise events and excursions, where architects, planners, timber housing experts and representatives of local institutions meet and are encouraged to collaborate. This way, new national networks arise, in contact with international experts.


Jakob Dietachmair

Project manager climalp
CIPRA International

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