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Alpine skills under one roof

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Switzerland is the Alpine country par excellence. The pre-Alps and the Alps cover 60 percent of the national territory and approximately 20 percent of the resident population live in these areas. The Alps are a firm part of the identity of the Swiss: this relates back to the founding myth, rooted in the Alpine terrain of central Switzerland in the 13th century. With the growth in tourism, 150 years ago, the Alps moved back into focus: politicians too discovered them and so began the struggle between the development of the mountain areas, the promotion of business and the protection of the Alps.

Since then the policies directed at mountain areas have retained their high status, even if economic development has moved on apace, particularly in the central areas and the cities. The Alpine region is however by no means homogeneous. Wild natural landscapes above the tree line, diverse cultivated landscapes formed by farming activity, Alpine tourism centres and urbanised areas on the valley floors all make for enormous variety in a very small area.

Alpine knowledge combined

CIPRA Switzerland was formed in 1997 at the initiative of CIPRA International and of certain Swiss environmental and Alpine organisations that were active in Alpine protection. The wide spectrum of opinions held by the individual representatives of the member organisations ensure that the umbrella organisation can boast considerable expertise in Alpine policy matters. CIPRA Switzerland combines this knowledge, so that dealing with matters that cut across Alpine policymaking, such as the Alpine Convention, the macro-regional strategy for the Alps, tourism and regional policy all form part of the organisation’s core competences.

CIPRA Switzerland addresses future concerns in the Alpine region and offers a discussion platform for its member organisations. The CIPRA forum is thus organised on a more or less annual basis and a public event on a current topic is staged on the International Day of the Mountains.

Projects for the sustainable development of the Alps

CIPRA Switzerland initiates and participates in national and international projects. The main emphasis is on projects in collaboration with CIPRA International, the national CIPRA representations and member organisations, for instance projects for adjusting to climate change or in the area of nature-oriented tourism. CIPRA Switzerland also wishes to further strengthen its role as a project partner on the national and international stage.

Founded: 1997


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