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Jan 01, 2013
[Project completed]
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With the compact "Water in climate change" published at the end of 2012, the project "cc.alps - climate change: looking one step further" has come to an end. In the last four years, CIPRA International together with a wide range of experts and practitioners has shown what intelligent climate activities should look like. More

Results and products

CIPRA compacts

Through the project “cc.alps” CIPRA investigated climate measures in the Alps. CIPRA brought together climate protection and climate adaptation activities in the Alps (hereinafter these activities are defined as climate measures) and analysed what effects these climate measures have on the environment, economy and society.
The “CIPRA compact” collection within cc.alps features various theme books that deal critically with climate measures in the Alps. The collection comprises the fields of activity: energy, building and construction, energy self-sufficient regions, spatial planning, transport, tourism, nature protection, agriculture, forestry and water. More

A treasure trove of ideas for climate projects - catalogue of measures online

Innovative ideas for implementing climate response measures are available online. Anyone with an interest in the subject and municipalities in particular can draw inspiration from the many adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change.
The measures stem from the six topic areas which also underpin the cc.alps project: Energy, Nature Conservation, Construction and Renovation, Transport, Spatial Planning and Tourism. The catalogue of measures was drawn up and compiled by cc.alps in co-operation with the Alliance in the Alps network of municipalities. More

CIPRA's climate protection demands

The countries in the Alps must take all the necessary measures to slow down climate change. At the same time they must prepare for global warming and mitigate its consequences. Intelligent, sustainable action is essential. All programmes must be checked for sustainability: are they environmentally and socially acceptable? Are the benefits greater than the negative consequences? Climate protection is a matter of life and death for the Alps – but nothing is gained if this triggers other environmental problems.
CIPRA demands actions in the key areas of energy, protection of nature, transport, building and renovation, tourism, spatial planning, agriculture, forestry, water and energy self-sufficiency at the regional level. More

Exemplary climate response measures

A great deal is being done in the Alps in response to climate change. But not all the measures taken have exclusively favourable repercussions. The cc.alps team has selected 34 projects, initiatives and activities that are good not only for the climate, but also for society, the environment and the economy. CIPRA’s advice: read up about it, emulate it, pass it on, and do even better! More

Cool heads in the hothouse – Results of the Bolzano conference

The international conference that CIPRA and the City of Bolzano have organized on 2 and 3 April 2009 in Bolzano (IT) was attended be approximately 200 participants from several countries. The presentations and interviews are available in the other language versions of this page.
One result of the conference was also a resolution of CIPRA addressed to the G8 environment ministers in Copenhague. More

The cc.alps competition

At an award-giving ceremony held in Bern/CH on November 6th 2008, CIPRA announced the winners of its pan-alpine cc.alps competition for outstanding projects in the field of climate protection. Seven municipalities, companies and organisations received prizes worth a total of 100,000 euros from the meteorologist Thomas Bucheli and CIPRA President Dominik Siegrist. More