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Company mobility plan (PDE)

Apr 03, 2008
STMicroelectronics of Grenoble has developed an employee mobility programme to promote the use of alternatives to the motor car. The measures relate to employees’ travel to work and journeys undertaken on behalf of the company. Long-term measures have been introduced to encourage additional use of public transport, bicycles, car sharing and eco-friendly vehicles.

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Fields: Transport and mobility, Education, Energy supply
Location: Isère (FR)
Start: 20.09.2000
Project period: continuous
Contact: Pascale Poblet, STMicroelectronics Grenoble, (e-Mail)




The overall objective is to increase the share of employees who do not use their cars (or do not travel alone in them) to get to work to 70% by 2012. The following three individual goals are also involved: Environmental goal: an annual 5% reduction in CO2 emissions caused by employees’ travel to work. Economic goal: reduced use of public space (roads) and also more economical use of private land by not increasing the size of the company car park in line with increases in the headcount and then actually reducing the total number of spaces. Social goal: improved mobility and reduced stress for employees by promoting the use of bicycles or public transport for travel to work, and shuttle services and regular bus services for journeys undertaken on behalf of the company.


Employees can benefit from the following support measures:
Public transport:
– 80% subsidy on fares
– Discounted company tickets for local bus and regional train services
– Individual counselling on choice of mode of transparent and public transport ticketing
– Provision of a road safety and bad weather kit comprising a reflective vest, helmet, reflective strips, lighting set (conventional or induction without batteries), cape, overshoes, puncture repair spray and backpack
– multiple bus ticket for bad weather or in case of injury
– free servicing in the company workshop three times a year
– financial support for the purchase of an electric bicycle
Car pool:
– Reserved parking spaces close to the workplace
– Company car-sharing mart
Further incentives are being added.

Results (CO2 savings) 

The number of employees using alternative means of transport increased from an estimated 15 - 20% in 1999 to 55% in 2008, with annual savings of over 1000 tons of CO2. No new car parking areas have been necessary, and the benefits of the alternative forms of transport are appreciated by all (physical exercise when cycling, relaxation when using public transport). This is a real company project involving more than 1200 individuals. More than 350 employees now cycle to work and almost 900 used public transport or a car pool. The fifty parking spaces for the car pools are not quite enough and we have to modify our plan, also to include additional cycle stands and showers.


STMicroelectronics develops, manufactures and markets micro-electronic components for a wide range of products (telephony, vehicles, microcomputing, multimedia). The plant in Grenoble has more than 2400 employees, including 80% in engineering and management, and is responsible for product design, development and production engineering.


The company mobility management project run by STMicroelectronics of Grenoble is targeted at employees’ choices for travel to and from work. The goal of the project is to increase the share of employees who do not use their cars to get to work to 70% by 2012. ... More


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