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Alpine Climate Camps

Oct 13, 2022
[Project completed] Recharge your batteries, experience glaciers, go by bike: The Alpine Climate Camps project combines mountain sports and climate protection while encouraging young climate activists.
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The second camp consists of a bicycle tour from lake Constance to the Austrian glaciers. (c) pixabay

For years, thousands of young people have been taking to the streets in the Alps to demonstrate for more climate protection and a future worth living. But politics, economy and society are changing too little and too slowly. Many activists are now discouraged and exhausted. The Alpine Climate Camps project encourages young climate activists and combines mountain sports and climate protection. In two camps, young people from the Alps recover, network and find new motivation for climate protection. The participants cycle to a glacier and experience the relaxation of alpine nature and mountain sports. They see the consequences of the climate crisis with their own eyes and at the same time take action by travelling in a CO2-neutral way.

Duration: 2023

Project partners: Südwind, Association for Development Policy and Global Justice; Youth of the Deutscher Alpenverein, Regional Office Baden-Württemberg

Project language: German and English

Film evening "Generation Change" & discussion
12 January 2023 in Schaan, Liechtenstein
Climate and human rights activist Sarah travels by train across Europe and makes the consequences, but also the solutions of the climate crisis visible. A film about young people with visions and good ideas on how we can still save this world.

Alpine Kick Camp
27 April - 1 May 2023 in Vorarlberg, Austria
4-day recreation camp for climate activists to recharge their batteries, find new motivation for climate protection and network with like-minded people.

Glacier Camp & Climate Caravan
2 to 6 September 2023, Vorarlberg, Austria
Bicycle tour for the climate from Lake Constance to the Ochsental Glacier to draw energy in the unique nature of the Alps, do sustainable mountain sports and experience the effects of climate change on site.

Cooperation with the Glacier Caravan from Italy: In addition, the youth group will be accompanied by the Glacier Caravan from Italy. Legambiente and CIPRA Italy are visiting glaciers in Italy, Austria and Switzerland together with scientists in order to draw attention to glacier retreat throughout the Alps.

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