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Experience the last of the glaciers

Jul 17, 2023 / Maya Mathias, CIPRA International
Recharge your batteries, go cycling, visit the glaciers: the Alpine Climate Camps project combines mountain sports with climate protection, further encouraging young climate activists. A bicycle tour in Austria at the beginning of September 2023 and other activities in Switzerland and Italy will draw attention to the disappearing glaciers.
Image caption:
Melting giants: the Ochsental glacier below Piz Buin retreated by around 43 metres in the last record year. © Canva

An adrenaline rush in the mountains: at the end of April 2023, 24 young people from the Alps met on the Tschengla plateau in Vorarlberg/A to gain fresh motivation for climate protection actions. They were helped by exchanges with like-minded people and the chance to exercise in the great outdoors. They also learned how to better manage their energy through mindfulness and relaxation exercises. A project partner Timo Bachhuber, from the youth section of the German Alpine Association Baden-Württemberg, put it: «The weekend offered plenty of relaxation and I feel much lighter».

For years, many young people in the Alps have been demonstrating for more climate protection, but policies, the economy and society are changing too slowly. Many activists now feel discouraged and exhausted. The Alpine Climate Camps project, run by CIPRA International, Südwind Vorarlberg and the youth section of the German Alpine Club Baden-Württemberg, encourages young people to get involved.

Cycling to the Ochsental Glacier

Combining mountain sports with climate protection: as part of the project, from 2 to 6 September 2023 a climate caravan by bike will take place. Young people will cycle from Lake Constance/D to the Bielerhöhe/A and show that CO2-neutral mountain sports are possible. The effects of climate change will become visible on the last stage up to the Ochsental Glacier. Those who want to take part need to be fit for tours lasting several hours. Those interested can also cycle along on individual days or travel part of the way by train or by bus.

The youth group will also be accompanied by the Glacier Caravan from Italy. Legambiente and CIPRA Italy are visiting glaciers in Italy, Austria and Switzerland together with scientists in order to draw attention to the retreat of the glaciers throughout the Alps. Vanda Bonardo, President of CIPRA Italy, explains: «The aim is to make politicians, the media and society aware of the consequences of the climate crisis and to forge new alliances for climate protection.»

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