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A stronger voice for young people

Jan 27, 2023 / Maya Mathias, CIPRA International
Young people want to bring about sustainable change, but politics and society are moving too slowly. At the launch of CIPRA International’s Erasmus+ project “Alpine Climate Camps”, young adults discussed their commitment to a sustainable world in Schaan/LI in January 2023.
Image caption:
Andreas Radin (CIPRA International, moderator), Milan (Altdorf Forest Occupation), Johannes Weissenborn (Youth Section of the German Alpine Club DAV) and Sophie Eberle (Young List, Liechtenstein) discussed issues on the panel. © CIPRA International

Voting from the age of 16, saving forests, strengthening climate action in organisations: Sophie Eberle from the Young List in Liechtenstein, Milan from the Altdorf Forest Occupation and Johannes Weissenborn from the Youth Section of the German Alpine Club DAV are all committed to greater sustainability in different ways. At the launch of the Erasmus+ project “Alpine Climate Camps”, they discussed their commitment and motivation for a more sustainable future after a screening of the film “Generation Change – Who is saving the world?” at the Skino in Schaan on 12 January 2023.

Bringing about change is often difficult, as the Young List experienced first-hand with the narrow rejection of their motion to reduce the minimum voting age to 16 years. For Sophie Eberle, it would have been an important step in helping young people to be heard and in strengthening their political power. The Youth Section of the German Alpine Club shows that participation can be successful, as Johannes Weissenborn believes: “The climate protection concept of the German Alpine Club could only be adopted because the youth spoke out for it with a strong voice.”

Combining mountain sports with climate protection and encouraging young activists are the goals that CIPRA International, Südwind and the Youth Section of the German Alpine Club are pursuing along with the Erasmus+ project “Alpine Climate Camps”. In addition to the panel discussion, there was a networking workshop with representatives of Alpine associations, climate protection and youth organisations from Liechtenstein, Austria and Germany to mark the start of the project. A recreation camp for young activists is planned for the end of April 2023 in Vorarlberg/A, while the “Climate Caravan” bicycle tour from Lake Constance to the Ochsental Glacier/A will take place at the beginning of September.