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Cogeneration plant of Dobbiaco

Questo provvedimento è stato individuato nel 2009 nell’ambito del progetto cc.alps tramite un lavoro di ricerca svolto dal team del progetto.

Centrale di cogenerazione di Dobbiaco

Breve descrizione:
The plant of Dobbiaco-San Candico produces heat using wood shavings. This practice allows to produce energy reducing the use of fossil fuels, restricting CO2 emissions and promoting local forest resources.
Intervento di mitigazione


  • tecnica
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  • Approvigionamento energetico
Scala territoriale:
Parole chiave:
Renewable energy
District heating
Obiettivi :
Dobbiaco is one of the coldest localities in Alto Adige, but it is also a touristic site and this was the reason why it needed a considerable amount of energy for heating. A district heating system powered by woody biomass resulted as one of the more sustainable solutions.
Attività :
A boiler produces heat through biomass combustion (recovered from the production rejects of the local wood industry). A district heating system uses this thermal energy to supply two municipalities: Dobbiaco and San Candido. Since 2003, the plant also produces electric energyt hanks to a new module ORC of 1,5 MW, the biggest in Europe. It is also possible to visit the central since the plant organizes guided tours.
Risultati :
The district heating system allows the subscribers to decrease heating costs considerably compared to old oil-fired heating. It also helps to reduce pollutant emissions and exploit the important forest resources of Alto-Adige without consequences for the environment. The district heating system only uses rejected materials and at the same time offers new job opportunities at the central cogeneration.
Titolare dell’intervento:
amministrazioni (a livello locale, provinciale, regionale o nazionale)
Titolare dell’intervento, breve descrizione :
Thermo-Electric district heating Dobbiaco-San Candido, Cooperative Company that manages the plant and the net.

Informazioni on-line sull’intervento

The web-site explains in detail and clearly how the central works, costs and benefits to the subscribers and the territory.

Luogo dell’intervento :
Dobbiaco (BZ)
it (Italia)
Durata :
since 1995

Persona di riferimento:
Signor Peter Paul Steinwandter
Teleriscaldamento Termo-Elettrico Dobbiaco-San Candido