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What is the YPAC?

The YPAC is a parliamentary simulation, initiated in 2006 by a group of youth and teachers at the Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck and the Alpine Convention. It brings together young people from different regions to discuss current topics regarding the Alpine region in a parliamentary simulation. It aims at giving insights into parliamentary structures as well as current topics which are of concern to the Alpine region. Moreover, it is a platform for cultural exchange and networking among young people.

Where and when is the YPAC?

The YPAC takes place once a year. Each year it is hosted by a different partner school. The parliaments took place in Innsbruck (A, 2006/2007), Maribor (SI, 2008), Meran (I, 2009), Rosenheim (D, 2010), Herisau/Trogen (CH, 2011), Vaduz (FL, 2012), Sonthofen (D, 2013) and Chamonix (2014), Kamnik (SI, 2015), Bassano del Grappa (I, 2016), Innsbruck (A, 2017), Maribor (SI, 2018), Meran (I, 2019), Vaduz (LI, 2022).

How is CIPRA International involved?

CIPRA cooperates since 2012 as an official partner with the YPAC. We initiated a process of professionalization of communication for the YPAC and animated informal education activities in addition to the normal committee and plenary sessions. Aim of this partnership is on one side to offer young people CIPRA’s wealth of experience and contacts, and conversely the YPAC is a way for CIPRA to get insights into the thoughts and ideas of young people, enabling us to come up with new incentives for future projects.

CIPRA International has been co-operating for many years now with the YPAC. This partnership was reaffirmed in Meran and renewed with a “Memorandum of Understanding”. This in particular concerns the preparation of content, public relations work and the involvement of young people in Alpine policy and the environmental scene.

Contact and further information:

Manon Wallenberger, project manager at CIPRA International ()

YPAC Website

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