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Jun 04, 2020
Having one ticket for all public transportation in the entire Alpine region – this is our vision. The Alpine Ticket (AlpTick) makes travelling in the Alps easier, more sustainable and more attractive for young people. It is an idea developed by the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC) based on its members’ experiences of travelling on public transport in the Alps.
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What is AlpTick?

The ticket includes seven days’ travel within one month and is valid for all public transport in the Alpine region. In order to bring this region within reach, the ticket is valid within the EUSALP space: 48 regions in 7 countries. AlpTick is aimed at young people between 15 and 29 years (the EU definition of youth). In order to ensure it is accessible and competitive with non-sustainable means of transport, the price of the AlpTick is to be attractive and reasonable. A price of not more than 144 euros, 3 euros for each Eusalp region, would be adequate and affordable for young people.

Why is AlpTick needed?

The idea of the AlpTick arose from the real need to make travelling habits within the Alps more sustainable in order to be able to face global challenges, especially climate change. Why do we think that AlpTick is an important step in achieving this?

  • Promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly way of travel for an attractive price that appeals to young people
  • Enabling and encouraging young people to discover the cultural and natural richness and diversity of the Alps
  • Making cross-border travel easier in a region that features numerous borders
  • Integrating local, regional, national and international means of transport into one single ticket

What’s new?

AlpTick is different from existing offers and lends considerable added value to the current transportation services market. So far, no regional tickets exist for such an extensive region as the Alps. The comprehensive tickets that do exist do not include every means of public transport, which makes travelling, especially in the more remote places characteristic of the Alps, complicated and expensive. AlpTick also includes unlimited travel within the holder’s home country.

Make AlpTick possible with us!

Travelling is a way to learn about and understand our surrounding natural and cultural environment through experiences. Promoting and facilitating a way to travel sustainably is essential for the future of responsible tourism in the Alps. Help us make our vision of the AlpTick become reality!


Our commitment to public transportation in the Alps started in 2015/16 with the project Youth Alpine Express, when some of us had the opportunity to travel across the Alps by sustainable means to attend different events about the future development of the Alps. Here we experienced the pleasures and challenges of public transport in the Alps first hand. While we did not mind reduced comfort or longer travelling times, it was remarkable how complicated the ticket buying process could be as soon as more countries were involved.

In 2018 and 2019 we took part in the Youth Alpine Interrail project which enabled a total of 200 young people between the ages of 16 and 27 to travel sustainably in the Alps for 50-80 euros. The feedback we got from the travellers was overwhelmingly positive, as they loved this affordable way of discovering the Alps by train. With their pictures and stories from their journeys they became the best ambassadors for sustainable travelling by train.

But this was not enough for us. Therefore in 2018 we applied to the EU competition "Pitch Your Project to the EU!" with the idea of organising an Alpine ticket networking meeting. A jury consisting of members of the European Commission, the EUSALP Executive Board, the EUSALP Tyrolean Presidency and the Alpine Convention selected our project along with four others for the pitch session, held on 21 November at the EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck. Finally, our project idea won the competition with more than 30% of the votes cast by Forum participants. In this way we obtained funding of 5,000 euros for our project. We are delighted with the trust placed in us. We recognise our responsibility and see this as a powerful motivation to realise this project.

Contact and further information

Cléa Slimani
Emily Rost
[email protected]

CIPRA Youth Council


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Results Alptick Survey

In order to find out if AlpTick is the right concept the CYC conducted a survey among young people in the Alpine countries in summer 2020.

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