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Bon Appetit!

Jan 13, 2023
From the field to the plate: In the "Bon Appetit!" project, young people dig into the earth, taste and process regional products and visit farms in their region. They experience how the food on their plate shapes the landscape around them.
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© Caroline Begle, CIPRA International

Our global food system is responsible for around 37 percent of global CO2 emissions. For more environmental and climate protection, we must not only make food production and land use more sustainable, but above all our consumption. One reason for the wasteful and often careless use of food is that we have no connection to its production. In the "Bon Appetit!" project, young people from Liechtenstein and France gain skills in dealing with food. They understand the impact of the food system on the planet and learn about climate-friendly nutrition. The young people grow their own vegetables, cook and eat together and implement sustainable solutions and ideas. They recognise where they can make changes themselves and exchange ideas with participants from different countries.

Project aims

  • Young people from the Alpine region learn about the structures, interrelationships and complexity of our food system (production, processing and consumption) and understand the impact on the environment, climate change and society.
  • Young people learn about alternatives for a more environmentally friendly, climate-friendly and socially just diet and develop their own ideas, which they implement locally.
  • Participants grow their own food, cook and eat together to gain personal knowledge and experience in practice, thus creating a connection to food and the landscape.
  • The project participants and organisations exchange with people from different countries (France-Liechtenstein), regions (Southern-Northern Alps), cultures (cultivation, cuisine) and social backgrounds to discover commonalities and learn from their differences.


1.1.-31.8.2023: 14 workshops for youths from Liechtenstein and France

28.1.-2.2.2023: Kick-off and Job shadowing in Liechtenstein

28.6.-5.7.2023: International youth meeting in Liechtenstein

Autumn 2023:  Job shadowing in France


January 2023 - August 2024

Project partners

Project language

German, French, English


Manon Wallenberger
CIPRA International

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