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Alpine Compass: Youth for quality of life in the Alps

May 05, 2023
How to improve the life quality of young people in the Alps? The project “Alpine Compass” empowers young people, raises awareness among decisionmakers and strengthen the transnational collaboration.
A group of young people walking in the Alps.
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Many young people leave the Alpine region because they lack personal and professional opportunities. Furthermore, the impact of climate crisis threatens the ecosystems. As a result, the quality of life decreases. Therefore, it is crucial to adapt to the consequences of the social and ecosystem crisis as soon as possible and to listen to the needs and challenges of young people. This will ensure a sustainable and spatially balanced development of the Alps for present and future generations.

Quality of life is one of the priority issues of the Slovenian Presidency of the Alpine Convention. The project “Alpine Compass: Youth for quality of life in the Alps” tackles the transnational challenge of integrating a quality of life perspective into policy documents. The project partners aim to highlight the transnational aspect of youth in the Alps. Young people face similar challenges which national policies often cannot address adequately, as cross-regional cooperation is needed.



 1. To strengthen project collaborators and partner organisations:

  • for transnational and inter-ministerial work on quality of life as a tool to implement EU values and objectives,
  • to improve understanding of the needs and challenges of young people in the Alps,
  • to upgrade competences for youth work.

 2. Young people from Slovenia, Germany and France:

  • will engage, connect and empower for active citizenship and advocacy for EU values and objectives (with a focus on the Alpine region),
  • will get the opportunity to participate as citizens in formal and informal learning activities at local and international level.

 3. Raise awareness among decision-makers, experts and the public at Alpine level and beyond:

  • on the implementation of EU values and objectives,
  • on approaches to address environmental, economic and social challenges;
  • about ensuring quality of life in the Alps.



  • Webinar and workshop for project partners on quality of life and working with young people,
  • Research about quality of life, preparation and implementation of interviews with young people (10 in-depth interviews),
  • Webinar and workshop for young people on quality of life and Alpine policy frameworks and opportunities for youth participation in the Alps,
  • Implementation of living labs with young people (6 sessions, two in each country),
  • Formulation and presentation of postulates to the Permanent Committee of the Alpine Convention,
  • Dossier "Quality of life and young people in the Alps - the case of Slovenia, France and Germany" - collection of project results.


Project duration: January 2023 until July 2024

Project partners: CIPRA Slovenija, CIPRA France, CIPRA Germany, CIPRA International

Project working language: English and national languages


Katarina Žemlja
CIPRA Slovenia

Marion Ebster-Kreuzer
CIPRA International

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