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Trata 2.1

Apr 03, 2023
Commuting made easy: The mobility of commuters in the Slovenian industrial area of Trata is to become more environmentally friendly - with the help of experiences from similar projects in the border triangle of Switzerland-Austria-Liechtenstein.

More than 5,000 people work in the industrial area of Trata near Ljubljana/Sl. 94 percent, almost all of them commute to work by car. This leads to traffic jams, soil sealing through huge car parking lots, as well as noise and CO2 emissions. How can we combat these problems and encourage commuters to adopt more sustainable mobility behaviour? This is what the "Trata 2.1" project by CIPRA Slovenia and CIPRA International is addressing. Building on the experience of past mobility projects such as PEMO and AMIGO, company and municipal representatives travelled to the border triangle of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein in March 2023. During the study trip, they learned about best-practice examples of sustainable and healthy commuter mobility. In 2024, a bicycle path will be built, mobility managers will be trained, and mobility plans will be drawn up for companies to encourage employees to switch to other modes of transport.

Project goals

  • Increase the proportion of employees using sustainable forms of mobility to travel to work by at least 4 percent.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Make a significant contribution to the outcomes of the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation programme.


  • Construction of a 300-metre cycle path link - the missing part of the two-directional cycle path in the eastern part of the industrial estate, connecting the Trata/SI industrial estate with Godesic/SI
  • Purchase and installation of bicycle parking racks for employees
  • Purchase of e-bikes to promote the use of bicycles for daily commuting to work
  • Purchase and installation of charging stations for e-bikes
  • Promotional and organisational measures to encourage sustainable commuting
  • Development of mobility plans for the participating companies Knauf Insulation, Sibo G, LTH Castings
  • Training of mobility managers in each of the three participating companies
  • Creation of an online classroom with a training module for the mobility coordinator
  • Elaboration of guidelines for sustainable mobility in Slovenian industrial and commercial areas
  • Study visit abroad and learning about good examples of implementation in the Škofja Loka region
  • Digital compendium of good practices for mobility management in companies.

Duration: 1 September 2022 to 30 April 2024

Project partners: Municipality of Škofja Loka (lead partner), Sora Development Agency, IPOP, Cipra Slovenia, Cipra International and the companies Knauf Insulation, LTH Castings and SIBO G.

Project languages:
Slovenian, German, English

Funding: The Trata 2.1 project is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants amounting to EUR 1.1 million. (sl, en)

Further information: (en) (sl, en)

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(c) Archive Municipality of Škofja Loka


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Jakob Dietachmair, Deputy Director CIPRA International

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