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News, publications, press releases, positions... on this page you find current and alpine-relevant information from the Alps and the european region.
Eurovignette Directive: Renewed postponement at the expense of climate protection and population

The treatment of the Eurovignette Directive by the transport ministers of the EU states is postponed until 28th of September. The International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) is worried about the renewed delay and fears the dilution of a central concern of the EU Commission and Parliament, at the expense of climate protection and the population living along the motorways.

Relieving the burden on transit-plagued Alpine regions

Representatives of the national transport ministries are currently discussing the strengthening of the infrastructure costs directive (Eurovignette Directive). Together with environmental organisations, CIPRA is calling for a substantial improvement in legislation to relieve the burden on the population in transit-stricken Alpine regions.

A Matter of the Head: Our Image of Climate Protection

Climate change, climate crisis, climate emergency: how do we find the right words to talk about global warming? At the online conference of the Alpine Partnership for Local Climate Action on 30 June and 1 July 2020, the focus will be on communication about climate protection.

One ticket, seven countries, 48 regions

AlpTick, one ticket for all public transportation in the entire Alpine region – this is the vision of the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC). Young people are invited to take part in a survey on mobility in the Alps.

New faces at CIPRA


New faces at CIPRA

Vanda Bonardo is the new President of CIPRA Italy, with changes too to the Executive Board. There has also been a change on the Executive Board of CIPRA Austria.

More sustainable living thanks to corona?

Pop-up cycle paths in cities, an organic food boom – corona promotes the trend towards more sustainable lifestyles in the Alpine countries as well. A trend that may be here to stay.

Via Alpina: 20 years of long-distance hiking

For 20 years, the cross-border long-distance hiking trail known as the “Via Alpina” has connected all eight Alpine countries from Trieste to Monaco. It connects people, living spaces and natural areas along five routes, not only physically but also symbolically.


The landscape that moves CIPRA

From a Slovenian mountain pass, via a dying glacier in Switzerland, to a French shepherd's path: in its Annual Report 2019 CIPRA International shows how landscapes and their stories move people.

Point of view: A building plan for a resilient society

The corona crisis has broken our lives into pieces: relationships, working models, leisure and consumerism are loose building blocks. It is still unclear how we will reassemble them. We now have the chance to draw up a new building plan that is fit for the future, says Barbara Wülser, Co-Executive Director of CIPRA International.

Point of view: Water needs no borders – do we?

So far, sufficient water is available in the Alpine regions. If there is to be enough for everyone in the future, despite climate change, water must be treated as a common Alpine resource across national borders, says Marion Ebster, Project Manager at CIPRA International.