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News, publications, press releases, positions... on this page you find current and alpine-relevant information from the Alps and the european region.


The future of the Alps begins now

What will the Alps of tomorrow look like? This question and political demands for the XV Alpine Conference lay at the heart of the “AlpWeek Intermezzo” held at the beginning of April in Innsbruck, Austria.


Networking sustainable tourism

At the suggestion of CIPRA, international specialists from every Alpine country have developed a job profile aimed at networking sustainable tourism approaches.


Point of view: Europe and its Alps

The fundamental question facing the direct elections to the European Parliament in May 2019 is: hat is the outlook – in Europe and in the Alps – for democracy and “good governance”? Erwin Rothgang, Vice-President of CIPRA International, argues for new forms of co-operation.

From archives to houses of the present

Alpine museums are about more than just wooden skis, farmhouse trunks and old photos. They preserve, exhort or inspire us – and thus have a vital role in society.

Mountain Research and Development Vol 38, No 4: Food Security and Sustainable Development in Mountains

Four papers present opportunities and challenges for sustainable food systems worldwide and in Nepal, Pakistan, and Ladakh. Others explore the contribution of caterpillar fungus to livelihoods in India, the economics of walnut forests in Kyrgyzstan, dwarf pine cover in Slovakia, bacteriological characteristics of drinking water in Nepal, the impact of changing glacier conditions on mountaineering in New Zealand and of ski tourism on wildlife in Poland, and land use dynamics in the Argentinian puna.

No landscape to be seen


No landscape to be seen

Increasing demands for use are putting the Alpine landscape under ever more pressure. The “Urban Sprawl Initiative” is an attempt by environmentalists in Switzerland to reverse the trend. The aim is to curb the marketisation of the landscape.

Point of view: Don’t mess with our future!

The climate crisis is a reality – and it is by no means the only environmental problem looming. Luisa Deubzer of the CIPRA Youth Advisory Council calls for a rethinking on the part of society. In late November 2018 the 24-year-old gave a fiery speech before politicians and young people at the Eusalp Forum in Innsbruck, Austria.

Three workshops for sustainable mobility

Ideas for cross-border co-operation, the future of the Veynes railway and a toolbox for sustainable commuting: three projects from the Alps that serve as an inspiration for more sustainable mobility.

What the landscape tells us


What the landscape tells us

How do we perceive changes in the landscape? Why do we feel more closely connected to some places than others? These questions are raised by CIPRA with «Re-Imagine Alps», its new interactive map of the region.