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Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Compilation of Good Practices

Sustainable Development of Ecotourism - A Compilation of Good Practices
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Leto izida2001
Izdal(a)World Tourism Organization
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This publication has been prepared on the occasion of the International Year of Ecotourism 2002. It is the second volume within the series of Good Practices published in the area of Sustainable Development of Tourism. The 55 case studies taken from 39 countries present a wide range of successful ecotourism initiatives. Each of them is presented in a systematic form, describing stakeholders involved, objectives and strategies, funding, sustainability and monitoring aspects, problems encountered and solutions found in each project, etc. The sustainability aspects are further detailed according to specific elements of ecotourism such as: conservation, community involvement, interpretation and education, as well as environmental management practices.
This compilation is of great value for tourism professionals from both the public and private sector, who can learn from these experiences and adapt them to ecotourism activities in their own country.