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Mar 01, 2018

Our goal: For people in the Alps to lead fulfilling lives and to treat their living environment with respect and care

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© Jenni Kuck

Current challenges and threats in the Alps such as emigration, the climate crisis, heavy traffic flows and the destruction of resources cannot be solved by technological progress alone, but also require new behaviours and social changes. CIPRA addresses these challenges from the perspective of society and its potential. Personal initiatives, new collaborations and a rucksack full of skills and ideas are all needed to ensure that social, economic and political practices change quickly. The focus is on the need for a strong, cycle-oriented society that treats nature with respect and care and joins forces so as to realise all-round sustainable development in the Alps.

CIPRA aims to promote lifestyles and activities that support the survival of ecosystems in the Alps, are climate-friendly and socially just, and respect planetary as well as regional boundaries. We are convinced that more people of all generations need to become aware of their power to change, so that a frugal lifestyle is actually achieved and the common goods in the Alps are better protected.