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"CIPRA and its member organisations adopt a different tack. We as human beings are part of the problem – but also part of the solution. Which is why we’ve focused on the topic of “Social Innovation” and showcase our activities from a societal perspective. Within the current strategy with its three core themes of “Nature and People”, “Economic Transition” and “Social Innovation”, everything revolves around the way in which we interact with our environment and our surroundings. This is also reflected in the way CIPRA operates. Very few other organisations succeed in bringing together more people to engage actively with a future in the Alps that’s worth living, to question our behaviour, and to become part of new proposals for solutions – indeed, this Annual Report illustrates just how we go about this. "

Extract from the editorial from Katharina Conradin, President of CIPRA International

> Download Annual Report 2017 (PDF)

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