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Three workshops for sustainable mobility

Jan 30, 2019 / alpMedia
Ideas for cross-border co-operation, the future of the Veynes railway and a toolbox for sustainable commuting: three projects from the Alps that serve as an inspiration for more sustainable mobility.
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Alpine-wide projects demonstrate how sustainability and mobility can go hand in hand. © EURAC

Regional co-operation across national borders is what is required, and Liechtenstein, St. Gallen in Switzerland, Lindau in Germany and Vorarlberg in Austria have together implemented this insight in the cross-border «Pemo» project. By joining forces they have fostered more sustainable mobility for commuters and, in collaboration with CIPRA International and the Vorarlberg Energy Institute, have developed a toolbox for business mobility management. There have also been specialist conferences in the region, motivation and awareness-raising work and service offers made available to companies.

How can the train be made into a sustainable alternative to the car for local people, or made more attractive to tourists? Local authorities and associations have teamed up to develop a strategy for public transport in the French Alps, with CIPRA France accompanying the process. The main aim is to promote the «Etoile ferroviaire de Veynes» rail lines that also connect such cities as Gap to Grenoble and Briançon with Paris or Marseille. The recently released action plan is a first step towards enhancing the railway lines, with a new travel guide as an example of the planned measures.

A commuter boat service, a platform for car-pooling, a mobility centre: all form part of the «cross-border mobility» project in which the Swiss Grouping for Mountain Areas, the Austrian federal state of Tyrol and CIPRA International have collected cross-border co-operation models in the Alpine region and made these available to the public in a StoryMap. The findings of the Pemo-project have also been taken on board: the toolbox for business mobility management is now available online in all the Alpine languages. Companies from all over the Alps are also being encouraged to contribute their own strategies for more sustainable mobility and thus further develop the toolbox.


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