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Macro-region Alps: get involved!

Aug 26, 2014
The European strategy for the Alps could compensate for the shortcomings of the Alpine Convention, says Claire Simon, Executive Director of CIPRA International. Now, during the consultation phase, is an opportunity to participate and demand sustainability.
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Claire Simon is Executive Director of CIPRA International. © Martin Walser

The consultation on the proposed European Strategy for the Alps (EUSALP) has been open since 16 July 2014. CIPRA, too, has participated in various working groups and tried to introduce the demands for sustainability and participation into the draft, in line with its position paper “New solidarity between the Alps and surrounding areas” (see While the draft Strategy does not fully meet our expectations, the process is not over yet. Every man, woman and organisation or institution can make their opinion heard by 15 October 2014 at This chance should be taken. Nothing less than the future of the Alps is at stake.

On the one hand, the consultation allows residents and other actors in the Alps to comment on the draft Strategy itself. It provides a framework for future co-operation in the Alpine macro-region and opens up possible development objectives for selected topics. Sustainability in the sense of the Alpine Convention must be the basis for all decisions, with the Alpine Convention at the heart of EUSALP.

On the other hand, proposals for specific measures and projects are invited as part of the consultation to contribute to the implementation of the Strategy. These could then be included in the Strategy’s ActionPlan. EUSALP has thus an opportunity to make up for the lack of an implementation strategy in the Alpine Convention.

The consultation is an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the development and implementation of the Action Plan. CIPRA continues to press the EU and the national states for an opening of the political process. What good is the best strategy without the people, organisations, enterprises and institutions whose roots lie in the region and who fill it with life? We mean you, dear readers – now.

Claire Simon

Executive Director of CIPRA International

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