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Live simply!

Apr 16, 2014 / alpMedia
The Alps and their natural resources are coming under increased pressure. But how can a change in values open the door to an ecologically sustainable way of life? CIPRA investigates this question in its latest annual report.
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The CIPRA annual report presents people, municipalities and projects who are consuming fewer resources yet are creating a better quality of life. © Heinz Hess

The Alps are rich in natural resources such as water, wind, sun and biomass. The energy transition now means that greater use is to be made of them to replace fossil and nuclear energy sources. The resources offered by the Alps are not infinite, however, and a change in values resulting in a more sustainable way of life is urgently required.

In its annual report, CIPRA International shows that a simpler life can also make us happy and more content with what we have. As an example, the Alpine Dialogue is looking into topics such as how much energy we actually need, while the Alpstar project encourages commuters to travel to work by bus, train or bicycle.

Less is more: this too is the message of the re-designed knowledge and ideas platform at CIPRA’s new online look gives a concise overview of current topics while offering easy access to more detailed information on all the major Alpine themes. The content is, as ever, scientifically based and free to use.

Annual report and further information:

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