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Who will shape the Alpine macro-region?

Oct 17, 2013 / alpMedia
With its "Alpen.Leben" (Living in the Alps) project, CIPRA Austria is sounding out the role of the Alpine Convention for a macro-regional strategy and is asking who should actually have a say in shaping this European Union strategy for the Alps.
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Building on existing networks: the "Alpen.Leben" (Living in the Alps) project shows the benefits of the Alpine Convention in a possible future Alpine macro-region. © Stephanie--Hofschlaeger /
Many regions, organisations and authorities believe the future of the Alpine region lies in a macro-regional strategy (MRS), which could strengthen transnational co-operation. In December 2013 a decision will be made in Brussels as to whether detailed work should go ahead on such a strategy for the Alpine area. However, the macro-region would have to manage without any new funding or institutions and would be based upon existing structures.
As part of its "Alpen.Leben" project, CIPRA Austria is drawing up recommendations on how the Alpine Convention could be involved in a macro-regional process. It already possesses an extensive network of partners in politics and civil society, which also meets the "bottom-up" approach demanded by Brussels. The project is also making proposals for co-operation between the Alps in the strict sense and the surrounding areas. This model of governance is intended as a commitment to joint and shared action in the Alpine area.
The Austrian approach remains unique. The "Alpen.Leben" project is also intended to stimulate other countries to shape the macro-region in conjunction with states, regions and civil society. The project is being financed by the Austrian Environment Ministry.

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