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New solidarity between the Alps and surrounding areas. CIPRA position paper on a European Macro-Region Strategy for the Alps

Oct 10, 2013
Various political actors in the Alpine space are pushing for a European strategy for a macro-region for the Alps (MRS Alps). The International Alpine Protection Commission CIPRA, with over one hundred member organisations, possesses a wide-ranging network in all Alpine countries that extends beyond the Alps and into the surrounding metropolitan areas. CIPRA is therefore actively joining the process for a Macro-Regional Strategy for the Alps, representing the interests of sustainable, eco-friendly Alpine policies. Strengthened co-operation in such a MRS Alps must take place with the Alpine regions and surrounding areas as equal partners without undermining the achievements of the Alpine Convention.
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The Italian metropolis of Milan: a new solidarity is needed between the Alpine region and the major cities at the edge of the Alps. © Oliver Weber/


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