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European Charter of Mountain Quality Food Products

Jan 12, 2006 / alpMedia
(12.01.2006) The European Charter for Mountain Quality Food Products was officially signed in the European Parliament in Brussels on 7 December 2005. The signatories, which include organisations from France, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia, undertake to protect - and promote the sale of - quality food products from mountain regions.
The Charter launched by Euromontana as part of a European project is designed to provide farmers and enterprises in mountain areas with better opportunities for the sale of quality products and enable a sustainable agriculture. Inadequate certification methods are to be brought in line with the specific problems of identification of quality mountain products and thereby promote the image of mountain products as a whole. Financing and know-how support are also required, providing one form of compensation among others for the benefits to society of management and husbandry in the mountain regions of Europe.
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