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Oct 07, 2014

Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport

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The Alps are a sensitive ecosystem that has to be protected from pollutant emissions and climate change. The alpine road freight transport has enormous ecological and sociocultural effects on the alpine habitat. Most actors such as forwarders, port operators, administrations and consumers, are aware of these negative effects and they are working on their own technical or regulatory solutions. However, a constructive and participatory dialogue between all involved actors, in order to promote sustainable freight transport within the Alps, has not been established so far. more


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More than 50,000 commuters move daily across the region and across state lines. Then there is the national commuter traffic in the Alpine Rhine Valley. The consequences are high CO2 emissions, particulate matter and noise pollution. The project "PEMO" shows what it takes to make the transition to succeed towards sustainable mobility. More information in German, French, Italien and Slovene

Alpstar: Relaxed on the way to work

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Making the Alps a carbon-neutral region by 2050 is the objective of the Alpine Space Project ALPSTAR, Towards Carbon-neutral Alps – Making Best Practice the Minimum Standard. The Alpstar Alpine Rhine Valley pilot region investigated what is required to get commuters to travel to work by bus, train or bike instead of by car. The partners involved were Liechtenstein, the Austrian state of Vorarlberg and the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. Activities were co-ordinated by CIPRA International and the Vorarlberg Energy Institute. More