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News, publications, press releases, positions... on this page you find current and alpine-relevant information from Italy.

Ars vivendi

[Project completed] How can the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be learned and taught? In the project «ars vivendi» a didactic tool for the Global Agenda 2030 is being developed.

The next unused bobsleigh run


The controversial Olympic bobsleigh run in Cortina is being built after all. Despite organisational concerns, Italy’s Infrastructure Minister, Matteo Salvini, has pushed construction through.

New Alpine reservoirs to combat water shortages


Frequent droughts, thirsty agriculture: Italy is discussing the construction of additional reservoirs to supply drinking water and energy. More ecologically sound solutions are in danger of falling by the wayside.

Challenges for alpine agriculture


Loss of biodiversity, climate change, migration: just some of the problems affecting the Alpine region. The concept of agroecology offers sustainable solutions - but we have to implement them together.

Natural diversity through stones


What do the large woolly bee, the protected fire-bellied toad, the busy ant and the white stonecrop have in common? They all feel right at home in and around cairns, which CIPRA’s “StoneRich” project is creating in seven pilot regions.

The urban exodus and the climate


Many mountain regions in the Alps are affected by out-migration. However, climate change is also causing some people to migrate – at least temporarily – from the cities to the mountains, as an Italian research project shows.

Olympic bobsleigh track at any price


With two years to go until the Olympic Games, construction work on the new bobsleigh track in Cortina/I has not yet begun. No company wants to build it. In the meantime, the IOC is desperately looking for candidates for the 2030 Olympic Games, including Switzerland.

International Glacier Caravan


Six stages through three Alpine countries: this year’s international campaign by the Italian environmental organisation Legambiente, with the participation of CIPRA, condemned the retreat of the glaciers and thus raised awareness of climate change.

Controversial railway tunnel between Turin and Lyon


In mid-June 2023, hundreds of people gathered in the French border town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to protest against the construction of a high-speed rail tunnel between Lyon and Turin. In a public statement, CIPRA France and Mountain Wilderness also criticised the project.

Experience the last of the glaciers


Recharge your batteries, go cycling, visit the glaciers: the Alpine Climate Camps project combines mountain sports with climate protection, further encouraging young climate activists. A bicycle tour in Austria at the beginning of September 2023 and other activities in Switzerland and Italy will draw attention to the disappearing glaciers.