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Mountain Landscape

Dec 12, 2014
A decisionsupport system for the accessibility
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According with the Alps and Carpathian Conventions, the European Landscape Convention, and the Birds, and Habitats Directives the research project “Access2Mountain”, illustrated in this book, aims to promote the improvement of the accessibility in mountain areas, as a crucial factor for their social, economic and cultural sustainable development, with particular regard for tourism. In the meanwhile, it aims to enlight methods, models and tools for the containment and the reduction of negative impacts of traffic, infrastructures and tourist flows on the environment, landscape and natural-cultural heritage, particularly in the most sensitive areas of South-East Europe. The landscape vision becomes the way to approach the analysis, interpretation and design. It requires a trans-scale dimension, moving from the local level, to the environmental component, the interested context and the model region. The final output is a “system of thinking” for the decision making processes in sensitive mountain landscapes.

Year of pubblication2014
Authors Massimo Sargolini and Roberto Gambino
Published by LISt Lab
Place of pubblication Trento
ISBN/ISSN 9788898774388
Language en
Page 236
Price 16 Euro