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8th Report on the State of the Alps: Air quality in the Alps

Sep 30, 2021
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People rarely associate the Alps with pollution. Our mountains are often rightly perceived as breathing havens. They are considered to be in contrast with our cities, many of which are affected by pollution, primarily due to vehicles traffic emissions. But can we be assured that they provide pure air? What do we actually know about air pollution in the Alpine valleys? Is there still a need to improve the air in the Alps? What solutions might be available to do so?

During the 2019-2020 French presidency, the Alpine Convention addressed these issues in the Eighth Report on the State of the Alps. Specific data were collected, research into pollution mechanisms and their effects on health and nature was carried out, state-of-the-art findings on the state of the Alpine atmosphere were gathered and reported and, most importantly, good practices were identified.

The Eighth Report on the state of the Alps, in all Alpine languages as well as in English, can be downloaded here: All the maps can be browsed at: