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Mountain Dossier: Scientific Review of

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Year of publication2013
Associazione di Ricerca e comunicazione sulla montagna
Place of publicationTorino
Languageen, it
JournalMountain dossier
Magazine No.n. 1
Publication typeJournal, booklet
One third of Italy's surface area is covered by mountains. Every year there are countless studies and articles published which deal with mountains not only from the point of view of the environment. Since the 19th century mountains everywhere have represented a fertile ground for research and studies for many disciplines such as human geography, history, anthropology, ethnography, political economy and architectural planning. In fact, from 1980 up to the current days, only in Piedmont 250 scientific publications on the topic of the mountain have been published.
Nevertheless, in Italy, contrarily to what happens in other countries, there is no specialised journal dedicated to this topic. Studies are fragmented and so are the publishing houses, thus hindering the spreading and sharing of information and therefore the cooperation amongst researchers. Another negative consequence is that very little research carried out in Italy is known abroad.
This journal tries to tackle these issues. It provides Italian researchers with a single publishing house through which they can compare their work with one another and with international research. Furthermore, it gives foreign researchers the possibility to publish their work and most of all be aware of the work carried out in Italy. For this reason, all articles will be published in English, and contain an additional short summary in Italian.
The journal is biannual and available on-line on Every issue will deal with a specific topic or event. The approach to every topic will be pluridisciplinary, this is the reason for setting up the Scientific Committee, made up of experts in urban planning, geography and anthropology that are currently involved in alpine research. The first issue of the MOUNTAIN DOSSIER has been published with the support and collaboration of the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention.