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Intensive agriculture is changing migratory route for birds

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Year of publication 2012
Publication date 2012-11-07
Author(s) Y.I. Verkuil
Publisher(s) European Commission
Language en
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Journal Science for Environment Policy
Page(s) 1
Publication type Journal article
New research suggests that many Ruffs are changing their migratory route when flying north to their breeding grounds in northern Europe and to Asia from Africa. This is because their food supply has been reduced by the effects of intensive agriculture in the Netherlands, where they commonly stop off, causing them to shift eastwards to stopping-off points in Eastern Europe instead.
Source: Verkuil, Y.I., Karlionova, N., Rakhimberdiev, E.N. et al. (2012) Losing a staging area: Eastward redistribution of Afro-Eurasian ruffs is associated with deteriorating fuelling conditions along the western flyway. Biological Conservation. 149: 51–59.