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Energy Performance Buildings Directive: comparing Member State performance

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Year of publication2012
Publication date2012-09-20
Author(s)A.P.F. Andaloro
Publisher(s)European Commission
JournalScience for Environment Policy
Publication typeJournal article
A method has been developed to compare how EU Member States have implemented the Energy Performance Buildings Directive. It suggests that implementation varies widely across Europe but that the Czech Republic, Finland, Portugal and Slovakia have kept to the Directive’s aims and guidelines most closely, based on data available in 2009.
Original study: Andaloro, A.P.F., Salomone, R., Ioppolo, G., Andaloro, L. (2010) Energy certification of buildings: A comparative analysis of progress towards implementation in European countries. Energy Policy. 38: 5840-5866. Doi:10.1016/j.enpol.2010.05.039
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