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The indicators for the ecological network

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Year of publication2012
Author(s)Riccardo Santolini
Publisher(s)Ständiges Sekretariat der Alpenkonvention
Publication typeOther
Among the tasks listed in the mandate given to the ecological network platform
by the Alpine Conference in 2009 in Evian (France), there is the definition of
indicators to assess progresses of the Alpine ecological network.
This raises a certain number of technical and methodological issues, such as:
the definition of Ecological Network;
the nature of the indicators for assessing ecological connectivity and to monitor
actions undertaken in order to improve the ecological connectivity conditions;
the scale at which the various indicators can be used;
problems related to data collection, their processing and the final use of the
Monitoring and assessing the time on the basis of responsibilities, budget,
personal abilities, etc.
After this premise, on 21st April 2010 Prof. Santolini, as Italian appointed expert
within the Platform Ecological Network, was requested to undertake a study on
indicators by a mandate which stated: “...the definition of indicators to evaluate
progress of the alpine ecological network ....Mr Santolini will therefore, with the
help of all Platform members, gather the technical knowhow present in all alpine
countries” (minutes of 21st April 2010 held in Toblach). This specification of the mandate was something completely different from what sometimes was
erroneously misinterpreted , i.e. “to develop issues linked to the connectivity “.