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Towards low carbon transport in Europe

Year of publication2012
Author(s)Riccardo Enei, Jarl Schoemaker, Aaron Scholtz
Publisher(s)European Union - Publications Office
Publication typeJournal, booklet
The ambitious target of 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 requires transformation of the transport system in Europe. Decarbonising transport calls for the use of less and cleaner energy, and more efficient use of modern transport infrastructure and services. These strategic targets in EU policy are supported by substantial investment in research to develop innovative and sustainable solutions in efficient use of transport infrastructure and services, more energy efficient transport, and use of alternative fuels and propulsion systems.
This Policy Brochure, which is produced by the Transport Research and Innovation Portal (TRIP), highlights the contribution of research and innovation in meeting the EU targets on CO2 emission reduction in the transport system.