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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the German Federal Government with Respect to Sustainable Mobility

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Year of publication2012
Author(s)Robert Gruber
Publisher(s)Wuppertal Insitut
Place of publicationWuppertal
Publication typeDiploma thesis
Transportation is one of the most pressing and least tackled problems for environmental protection and global warming, also in Germany, which is known for its car industry and highways. This thesis analyzes federal legal, fiscal and "soft" measures (such as awareness campaigns) for sustainability in the land transport sector in Germany. It shows the fixation on expensive technical programs such as electric mobility and infrastructure expansion to solve sustainability issues mobility behavior is not attempted to change. Instead of focusing on a traffic avoidance and modal shift, the federal government tries to solve emissions only by improving engines and technology. The study compares goals and achievements of German politics and political packaging for sustainable transportation and shows that a massive transition in the transport sector is necessary to ensure affordable, socially just and environmentally friendly mobility for everyone.