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ENERBUILD Tool: Transnational Pilot Testing on 46 Buildings and Experiences on Advisory Services

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Year of publication2012
Publisher(s)Regionalentwicklung Vorarlberg
Publication typeJournal, booklet
In the future, it will be unavoidable to construct energetically optimized buildings. It is appropriate to edify these buildings as ecological as possible, considering the construction, their operation and their later disposal.
With the „ENERBUILD Tool”, an Alpine-wide tool was designed that approves a simple and still informative energetic and ecological evaluation.
The ENERBUILD Tool is an „open-source-product“. It is available for all European institutions as basis for appropriate adaptions and evaluations. The aim is not to implement the tool by 100% in all European countries. On the contrary, regional adaptions due to different climatic, legal and normative standards are required. But the classification scheme of the evaluation is supposed to be always the same. The ENERBUILD Tool can prosper if is applied and adapted in as many regions in Europe as possible.