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Managing Alpine Future II: Inspire and drive sustainable mountain regions

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Year of publication2011
Author(s)Various authors
PublisherEigenverlag - Universität Innsbruck
Place of publicationInnsbruck
Pricefree online version
In contrast to the first Managing Alpine Future conference little restriction with respect to the thematic focus of the submissions was given. In reflection of the inter- and transdisciplinary approach papers are only loosely allocated to thematic areas. However, seven foci have been defined which build the chapters of this book, and define the session topics of the main conference:

• Climate Change: from palaeo-climate to climate modelling
• Natural Resources and Ecology: from alpine meadows to ecosystem services
• Tourism and Energy: from mobility to snow-making
• Society and Culture: from education to migration
• Ethics and Politics: from consumer behaviour to multi-level governance
• Spatial Planning: from hazard zoning to land use changes
• Hydrology: from flood retention to integrated water resource management
International Conference, 21.-23. November 2011, Congress Innsbruck