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Outlook for the Alps: What contribution can the Alpine Convention and a macro-regional strategy make?

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Year of publication2011
Author(s)Peter Hasslacher
Co-authorsWolfgang Streitenberger, Marco Onida, Herwig van Staa, Werner Bätzing, Helmut Kudrnovsky
Place of publicationVienna
Languagede, en
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Publication typeJournal, booklet
List of Contents:
- Introduction
- Outlook for the Alps - issues around the Alpine Convention and the idea of a strategy for the Alps
- EU macro-regional strategies
- Current activities of the Alpine Convention in view of a possible macro-regional Strategy for the Alps
- A maco-strategy as a microcosm for Alpine stakeholders? On the governance challenges of an EU Alpine (Space) strategy
- Macro-regional strategies and the Alpine Convention: a regional policy perspective
- Macro-region "Alps" and Alpine Convention: mutually exclusive or complementary? European macro-regions caught between the upgrading of marginal areas and the strengthening of conurbations
- The Alps must solve their problems jointly or not solve them at all
- Panel discussion "Outlook for the Alps"
- Outlook for the Alps - Conclusions
- Appendix
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